Jan. 8th, 2013

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For Wires and Stars, the long Sollux/Psiioniic fic [personal profile] titianarchivist and I are writing.

Now that we're actually headed toward the central pairing of the story, I thought some readers might like a bit of background noise on some of the issues and how we're addressing them, since this is LONGfic and not a one-off. So, this is gonna be a FAQ/IAQ - reader questions and our own questions that we answer in process, updated as the story goes.

We're also going to address some Homestuck stuff here for any readers who are new to the fandom, as time goes on, and detail headcanons for bits and pieces that come up. Let's start off with a few pragmatic questions about titling and formatting:

Q. Why is this set up as a series on AO3? How much of it will there be?

A. We have at least two main acts of story, as well as an interlude, planned. The story begins concurrent and more-or-less compatible with Homestuck canon for Hivebent (though see disclaimers about character ages, below) and will break away at a specific and obvious point.

Q. Where do the chapter titles come from?

A. They're song lyrics, from specific songs that we've selected for the soundtrack because most-to-all of the lyrics will have significance in the story. We encourage readers to go read the lyrics and/or get hold of the songs and speculate.

Current list:
Ex Reverie - Cedar
Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage
Maria McKee - Breathe (Harvard Opportunes version)

Q. How old is Sollux exactly at the beginning of all this?

A. For reference we're using the headcanon that one Alternian solar sweep = approximately 2.6 years, for maturity purposes if not chronological purposes. So 5 sweeps = about 13 years and 6 sweeps = nearly 16.

This is based on canonical characterizations: troll maturity doesn't seem to correspond to human assumptions very well - which is no big surprise given that they're as much guardians over their lusii as vice versa. Everyone has a lot more irons in the fire than we'd expect for 13-year-olds, going into SGRUB. So we just picked a slightly more sensible-seeming time conversion and we're going with that.

Q. I'm confused. Is this an incest thing or not?
Mild spoilers for story direction ahead. )


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