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Dream: I was in the town where my grandma lived, high school graduation was going on, accompanied by a massive LARP event. And every year at graduation a few kids were supposed to be conscripted as Helmsmen.

And I was this character who would have been conscripted but escaped, and every year during these events I helped the conscripts escape from the Empire’s clutches.

Boy, am I jonesing to keep writing Wires & Stars, apparently.

And maybe the reason why my brain turned high school graduation into a LARP was because I never really did the high school thing. (For that matter, maybe there’s a message about high school and sinister mind control!… Or not.)

But then there was also this sequence where there was a narrow window of time when I could get the kids out and it was, like, during some kind of prep phase and I had to unhook them from simulators and basically wound up bringing them through the LARP in disguise or something and that’s, like, a plot from The Sound of Music, practically.


Date: 2013-01-15 04:31 am (UTC)
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I wish I had dreams like yours. That sounds like an awesome adventure! If somewhat nerve-wracking. (Limited time windows are a frequent feature of my dreams.)

As someone who didn't "do" the high school thing, either, I think that viewing it as a form of roleplay is pretty accurate/reasonable/likely.

Date: 2013-01-16 04:33 am (UTC)
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I am jonesing for you to continue Wires & Stars, because it is awesome.

UHHH I find myself having bizarre Homestuck-related dreams as well! Not in as explicit a sense as yours, but ~FOR EXAMPLE~ a couple nights ago I had a nightmare which involved (among other, non-Homestuck related things) me having to escape the fate of being hooked up to a bunch of wires and needles in some sort of everlasting torture. I had to dive into this pool of purple water filled with wires and tentacles which were trying to drag me down. Hilariously enough, I told my roommate about it and she was like "WERE YOU DREAMING ABOUT HOMESTUCK?" fair enough assumption considering I've rambled to her about the Helmsman horror etc.

TL;DR I would totally love to talk about Homestuck updates (BECAUSE THESE RECENT UPDATES SJKFGDJSHG I HAVE THOUGHTS) and shit and flail over crap etc-- feel free to email me at deadcellredux(at)gmail(dot)com if you wanna chat or whatever! Unfortunately I do not have Skype :( but I do have iChat, which is like, a multi-chat-client program?!?!?? Anyway, I'm kind of sporadically available, but hopefully we can flail at one another sometime :) Also I would be down for fic collaboration though I understand if you are way busy with W&S and stuff! But ugh Homestuck, all of the feels for every character, I HAS THEM


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