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- Part of Wires and Stars: Initiation by [personal profile] amberite and [personal profile] titianarchivist -

(art by querulousArtisan)

Chapter 6: whenever I'm alone and you're lost out there

This is not something you can engineer.

This should not upset you as much as it does.

But: identify your variables, and you can give them parameters. You finally have a name, now, for the loss and the longing and the reaching; you know the shape of the shameful crack in your heart.


Chapter 7: though my language is dead

You - no, your ancestor is leaning over you, blurrily concerned, asking you something difficult to decipher - his mouth doesn’t match up to the words you’re hearing; his horns keep disappearing every time you try to look at his eyes, like the blanks in your vision before a particularly nasty migraine -

“I told you to leave! What, did you - did you think I was bluffing? Can you hear me? Sollux?”

“What the fuck,” you mumble, and pull yourself to sitting - expecting, maybe, the migraine to hit, the view to clear or to fuzz over worse into sparks and moire patterns: something. “What the fuck. Was that.


Chapter 8: like a fire in the belfry


It will be much later before you realize that Aradia never said she wouldn’t try to take Vriska, and other things will have happened by then.

A training incident in the dreamspace will be the least of them.


Tags/warnings/etc at AO3.
And a bunch of new art in chapters 2, 3 and 7 and linked from chapter 5!

Sorry about the delayed updates. I've been mostly over on Tumblr, as there are more Homestucks there, even though I like LJ and DW better.
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